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This is the central place for hyphenation patterns in TEX. They are all bundled in a single package called hyph-utf8.

For pattern authors

If you are a pattern author and wish to update your patterns, please contact the hyph-utf8 package maintainers through the tex-hyphen mailing list .


The list of supported languages is in the table below. Note that German and Spanish have additional documentation in a separate file.

(if patterns for any other language exist and are missing below please let us know)

This list is very incomplete; the full list of supported languages will be displayed when Mojca lets me merge the pull request -- Arthur.

  name, synonyms code
(link to file)
(left, right)-
licence authors
German, traditional spelling german, traditional spelling de-1901 (1, 2) T2M MIT, LPPL
ru (2, 2) T2M custom
French french fr (2, 3) T2M MIT
zh-latn-pinyin (2, 2) EC custom
cs (2, 2) QX custom
Latin latin la (2, 1) L4 MIT, LPPL
Liturgical Latin liturgical latin la-x-liturgic (1, 1) QX MIT Claudio Beccari
hsb (1, 1) L4 custom
cu (2, 3) EC MIT
Ancient Greek ancient greek grc (1, 2) EC LPPL
German, Swiss spelling german, swiss spelling de-ch-1901 (2, 2) EC MIT, LPPL
German, reformed spelling german, reformed spelling de-1996 (1, 2) QX MIT, LPPL
Bulgarian bulgarian bg (1, 3) T2X LPPL, MIT Georgi Boshnakov

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